GIFs are always fun to mess around with, though forwarding one can sometimes prove more difficult than sending an equivalent image. To address this, Google has just implemented a new "Share GIFs" section in Google Images that makes sharing our favorite clips a bit easier.

The true GIF aficionados among you will already be aware of Gboard's GIF search functionality, which shows the same results and is much easier to use on the fly. However, those of you using keyboards without this feature will find this latest addition to Google Images pretty helpful. Basically, if you search for a GIF in the Images section, you'll now notice a prominent "Share" button under each result. Tap that, and you can use Android's share menu to send the GIF to any app there.

The feature is already live on the Google app for iOS and Android, as well as Chrome for Android. Google says that it'll come to more browsers down the line.