Earlier this month, we saw online retailer Tink offer the Home Max and Home Mini together for $242. In case you missed that sale, Tink is offering this same bundle yet again, but this time for $232 with a promo code. That's $8 less than the previous sale and $114 off retail prices.

By now, most of you are probably familiar with both the Home Max and the Home Mini, but here's a quick overview. The Home Max, as its name suggests, is the largest Home smart speaker currently offered. It looks nice, sounds great, and can get recognize your voice even when the music is blasting. The Home Mini, on the other hand, is comparatively tiny and doesn't produce audio that sounds nearly as good. However, Home Minis are great for putting in every room around the house because of just how cheap and compact they are.

The Home Max launched at $400, though it's since stooped much lower in price. In fact, it's currently $249 at the Google Store. Tink's price is not only $15 less, but it also includes the free Home Mini. You even get your choice of colors — Charcoal or Chalk for the Max, and Charcoal, Chalk, or Coral for the Mini. Shipping is free, and most of you won't have to pay tax; only California, Mississippi, Massachusetts, and Texas customers do. Hit the link below to pick this bundle up; use code TINKDIFFERENT (punny) at checkout.

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