The Play Store's five-billion-installs club just got its fifth member — everyone's favorite RAM-hogging browser, Google Chrome. Joining the ranks of Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and Google Search, Chrome for Android's number of downloads has hit a figure comparable to Earth's population.

This five billion figure is tempered by the fact that Chrome comes pre-installed on Android devices running Google Play services, but it's a feat worth noting nonetheless. Chrome has been picking up some interesting new features recently, like a password generator, better file sharing, and since its 2019, a dark theme.

The Android eco-system has no dearth of web browser options like Firefox, Brave, and Opera, to name a few. I seesaw between trying new browsers to enjoy their features, and relishing the familiarity of Chrome — even if it can get sluggish if you have too many tabs open.

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Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
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