Devolver Digital is bringing its 60-second adventure game Minit to Android. Initially, the studio published this stylish black and white video game on consoles and PC back in April of 2018, and even though it's been known that the title would be coming to Android, now that the pre-registration listing is up on the Play Store we are most likely nearing the official launch.

If you watch the trailer above you'll first notice that the stylish black and white pixel-based graphics provide this game a minimal look. The overall style gives off a Downwell vibe (another title published by Devolver Digital), though the gameplay is quite different. The top-down view and touchscreen controls offer something similar to that of an early Zelda game. The thing is, Minit is themed around the gimmick of only being able to play for one minute at a time before you die. Your first round starts with your character picking up a cursed sword, and at that point, you have sixty seconds to try and lift the curse before your death. Progression is made by reaching resting spots, which is where you'll pick up after your death, so you'll want to search these areas out to make sure you don't lose any momentum.

Further information about the Android release is lacking, so it's still unknown when the game will be officially launched or at what price. Luckily the Apple App Store should offer some insight since it lists the game for pre-order at $3.99 with a June 27th launch date. This should give a better idea of what to expect, though it's never certain that an iOS release will launch at the same time and price as an Android release, so take these details with a grain of salt.

If you're eager to get your hands on this quirky title, then you'll want to click on the pre-reg button in the widget below. Hopefully, we won't have that long of a wait before Devolver Digital officially releases Minit on the Google Play Store.

Developer: DevolverDigital
Price: $4.99

Minit is officially available on the Play Store

We knew that Devolver Digital's 60-second adventure game Minit would be officially launched on the Play Store on June 27th, and the developer has stayed true to its word. You can pick up Minit today for $4.99, and it's a premium release, which means there are no advertisements or in-app purchases included. As detailed above, you'll work your way through this game one minute at a time, which is an interesting mechanic, though you'll want to keep in mind that the game can be beaten in about an hour and a half. Still, if you're looking for an enjoyable adventure game that plays a lot like the original Zelda titles with a unique time mechanic thrown on top, Minit is the perfect choice.

Press Release

The minute of the people: Minit illuminates the App Store and Google Play

- The monochrome adventure according to Devolver Digital, on mobile and tablet -

The heroic adventure is alive and well with Minit , the retro-cute adventure game available today on mobile and tablet via the App Store and Google Play , priced at € 5.49. Originally developed by Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio and Dominik Johann, the masterpiece of Devolver Digital is adapted by 22nd Century Toys .

The epic Minit goes through 60-second slices. To prevent the end of the world, which comes after every minute of play, the hero will have to walk the colorful lands of a wacky world filled with treasures, unlikely encounters and bitter enemies. Cute and relentless.

Minit is now available on the App Store and Google Play after its notable releases on Nintendo Switch , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and PC . And he's coming soon to Commodore 64! To play the watch, follow @kittycalis , @jwaaaap , @jukiokallio , @zerstoerer and @devolverdigital on Twitter. You have a minute.