With billions of videos available about every topic you can think of and then some, YouTube is, statistically, filled almost entirely with content you don't want to watch. The platform has always tried to narrow what it suggests to each user down to videos they're likely to click — and today, the platform announces several new ways of doing just that.

English-speaking users of YouTube's Android app will start seeing buttons appear on the Home screen and in Up Next videos, giving the option to narrow suggestions by topic and channel. Those filters will be available on iOS and desktop some time later.

Starting today on Android and iOS, you'll be able to stop getting all recommendations from specific channels by tapping the three-dot menu under a thumbnail, then "Don't recommend channel." You've been able to mark videos as uninteresting for a long time, but this option is more explicit. You'll be able to do this on desktop "soon."


Finally, if you've wondered why you're being shown the recommendations you are, this change is for you: you'll start seeing blurbs explaining how YouTube's algorithms decided you'd enjoy particular videos on mobile today. Similar explainers will start appearing on desktop in the near future.

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