One of the biggest concerns in our modern online era is privacy — that is, how much you want certain corporations to know about your web habits, app usage, and location data. Some people don't care, others go to extreme lengths to remain anonymous online, and the rest of us fall in the middle. One of the more common concerns is with Google and its nigh monopoly on search and other online products, not to mention how much it knows about us. So to assuage user worries, the search giant is introducing auto-delete controls for location history and web/app activity logs.

It works on a timed system, letting you set how long you want Google to keep what it knows about where you went, what sites you visited, and how you use your Google apps. You have two options: 3 or 18 months. After your set period, the pertinent data will be deleted from your account.

These controls will be rolling out to everyone in the coming days, so be checking for them in the Location History and Web/App Activity sections. The blog post mentions that auto-delete is coming to these areas first, so maybe we'll see it in other parts of Google's offerings, too.

It's been almost two months now since Google first revealed plans to give users new privacy controls allowing for the automatic deletion of location data. Word was we'd be seeing them go live within a few weeks, and while Google's certainly taken its sweet time there, our wait is finally over: