Wanna create summer memories to get all wistful and nostalgic about later on in life? You might want a new camera. And not just the camera on your phone — we're talking about about sporty, crazy, action-packed goodness that can handle the roads you're riding, the waters you're treading, and much, much more. So, how about a new DJI Osmo Action camera? It's available at Rakuten right now for more than $50 off.

This small unit packs in two screens for viewfinding behind and in front of the camera. It can put out 4K HDR footage at 60 frames a second from up high or down to 11 meters underwater. If you're happy to take a slightly lower resolution, you can get RockSteady electronic image stabilization and capture 240fps clips at 1080p. Since its release, the DJI Osmo Action has been pitted as a steady alternative to a GoPro Hero and with a $350 price tag, it's even more convincing.

But here's the sweetener: online retailer Rakuten has a sitewide coupon code — "SAVE15" — that takes 15% off at checkout with a maximum discount of $60. Applying that to the Osmo Action brings the cost down to $297.

Keep in mind that the coupon code will work through midnight PDT tonight and that you can pretty much use the code for this and/or any other product. It just so happens that this DJI camera has only been out for about a month, is critically acclaimed, and is just about $50 off today.