Xiaomi has introduced a system-wide dark mode in version 10 of its MIUI software, but the company is still in the process of darkening all its apps, including non-system ones. The latest app to receive that treatment is the Mi File Manager, but that's not the only change in its most recent update.

V1-190621 of Mi's file explorer (APK Mirror) introduces a toggle for the dark mode in the app's side menu. Turn it on and the entire interface switches to a very dark grey (#202020) with white text. The app's different tabs, settings, file browser, and everything else follow the new theme.

Also new in this update are sorting options and the ability to create a folder when in the Storage tab. And finally, Mi File Manager now has launcher app shortcuts, so you can quickly jump to the Clean up tab, browse your FTP storage, check your favorites, or start a search, all without opening the main app first.

Thank you for using File Manager. Here's what we've done in the new version:

- We made major adjustments to the UI on all levels.
- Dark mode is available now! You can find the shortcut in the side menu on the start page.
- Press and hold the app icon to see more available shortcuts.
- Creating folders and sorting items can be now done on the Storage page.
- We fixed the issue that made icons too big.

You can grab V1-190621 of Mi File Manager from the Play Store or by getting the file directly from APK Mirror.

File Manager : free and easily
File Manager : free and easily