We recently covered a couple of 4K Android TVs from Sony's X900F series that went on sale and there was a good chonk to save there. In fact, those discounted prices for the 75" and 85" models are still available right now from your favorite retailer. Indeed, these panels have been gradually depreciating on store shelves for a good while, but we didn't have anything to report on for the 65" model... that is, until now.

In addition to all the extended functionality that Android TV provides, it also links up with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for hands-free control. In addition, the X900F series uses X-Motion Clarity processing to produce 120Hz frame rates with less ghosting as well as HDR10 , screen mirroring, and Dolby Vision.

The original MSRP for the 65-incher was $2,000, but after more than a year on the market, that list price slid down $1,700. Recently, most retailers were pricing this model at $1,600. Then yesterday came and Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H decided to take another $100 off, making it just $1,500 (minus a few cents, depending on store).

We're showing off the B&H listing because it offers a free Google Home Mini with purchase.

If you're planning on a summer of movies at your new home theatre and find this little number to be the right size for your space, then by all means you should enjoy.