There are few things more frustrating than being unable to access your checking account while you wait for a debit card to arrive in the mail. Bank of America is mitigating that particular headache for its customers by allowing for use of a "digital debit card" before the physical one arrives in the mail.

The change seems to boil down to giving the customer early access to the information on their yet-to-be-delivered card in the Bank of America app, and allowing it to be added to wallet apps like Google Pay. As many Bank of America ATMs allow for cash withdrawals using Google Pay, that could save users several days of hassle.

With this release:
• Request personal credit card Balance Transfers and Direct Deposit Cash Advances
• Erica alerts you when your balance is trending low so you can take action
• Use your digital debit card immediately, before the card arrives in the mail
• Enroll in Preferred Rewards for additional rewards and benefits
• Small Businesses can now use Zelle to send, receive and request money

Note:All features are subject to eligibility requirements.