The looming merger between T-Mobile and Sprint is threatening to substantially change the balance of power between carriers here in the US, potentially making The Big Four into The Bigger Three. Some argue it will reduce competition in the market, which will ultimately result in things like increased prices and reduced development, while others champion it as a way to build a stiffer competition against AT&T and Verizon — the two biggest providers. Whatever happens, it will likely have some impact on customers, so we're curious to know which carrier you subscribe to.

T-Mobile has been trying to woo regulatory agencies to approve the merger for quite a while, and several states were looking into directly blocking the effort themselves. Concerns when it comes to consumer choice could be eased if a fourth carrier is spun out of the remains, with both Amazon and Dish Network alleged to be interested in the idea.

Even ignoring the merger, though, there are a whole lot more than just four choices here in the 'states, thanks to the magic of MVNOs. While your data might be ultimately delivered by a network like AT&T or Verizon, third-party choices can provide an independent option — though they usually come with limits. Regardless of what happens to T-Mobile and Sprint, there should always be more than just three or four choices.

I know, US-only polls are a downer for some of our readers, but expanding to options numbering in the hundreds would be a bit overwhelming. It's been a while since we last ran some variation on this poll, and we'll keep the options around the same as last time, for comparison (though some MVNOs have since expanded their licensing agreements). There are also a few options like Visible and Metro by T-Mobile which aren't really MVNOs or carriers, so just use your best judgment.

US readers, who is your current wireless carrier?

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