Here on this quiet Sunday, Telegram decided to push out a new update, bringing the app to version 5.8. While the last couple of releases have focused on privacy, this one is centered around communicating with people nearby and adding contacts without having their phone numbers.

Before we continue, here's the changelog:

  • Add any users to contacts, even if their phone numbers are not visible
  • Go to Contacts > Add People Nearby to see and add people who also have this section open
  • Host local communities by creating location-based group chats
  • Transfer ownership of groups and channels by granting full rights to another admin. Useful when switching jobs or if you just want to retire as creator
  • Toggle message previews for specific chats, and use Search and ‘Delete All’ tools in Notification Exceptions

Like I said, the big focus here is on contacts. Say you've met someone at conference or a party or whatever it is you social people do and you want to add them. Just open the Contacts section and select "Add People Nearby." The other person(s) must do the same, but once there, you should see them pop up. Obviously, my screenshots below were taken in a more isolated area, but you get the idea. All new chats also have the option to add the person as a contact, or block them.

Along with this, you can create local groups based on where you are. Want to start a chat group for the convention? Just open the same section as above, but select "Create a Local Group" instead. You'll be asked to name your group, give it a picture (if you want), and confirm the location. Boom, you have a local group. On that topic, owners of groups and channels can now transfer ownership if they so choose.

Finally, notification exceptions have gotten some enhancements, including toggling message previews for certain chats. You also have the option to search through your exceptions and delete all of them if you wish to start over. The rest is all iOS-specific stuff, but you can read more about that in the source link below. The 5.8 update should be available for everyone in the Play Store, but we have it on APK Mirror if you'd rather sideload it. Have fun.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free