Earlier this year, Google renamed its smart display from the 'Home Hub' to the 'Nest Hub.' It was the first step in rebranding its smart home devices under the Nest name, and there was speculation that the original Home speaker might be included. Google has put the rumors to rest, and confirmed to us that the Google Home is sticking to its original name — for now, anyway.

It wasn't an outlandish suggestion that the Google Home might be sold under the Nest banner, especially after the more expensive Home Hub was rebranded. Google itself seemed to confirm the change when the Google Store began to reference the speaker as the "Nest Home." We reached out to the company after that text was discovered, and a spokesperson confirmed that the change was a mistake and is in the process of being fixed.

It's still possible a follow-up to the Google Home could have the Nest branding, but we haven't seen evidence that a new model is in development. If a new speaker is ever released, here's hoping it lives up to our wishlist.