The era of 5G is upon us whether you like it or not. After breaking free of Verizon's exclusivity period and coming to AT&T (sort of), the Galaxy S10 5G is now live on Sprint. You can place your order now, and the phone will ship on June 21st.

This will be the third 5G device on Sprint, following the HTC 5G Hub and LG V50 ThinQ. The S10 5G on Sprint is identical to the hardware on other carriers. It has a gargantuan 6.7-inch display, a 4,500mAh battery, 256GB of storage, and 8GB of RAM. It also has added time-of-flight cameras on the front and back.

The GS10 5G connects it Sprint's new 5G network, which operates on 2.5GHz. That's a much lower frequency than the millimeter wave used by Verizon and AT&T. It doesn't have as much peak bandwidth, but the coverage is better. Sprint will only sell the 5G phone in 5G markets, which currently includes Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, and Houston. It will expand to more cities in the coming weeks. The phone will cost a whopping $1,300, and you need to be on the Unlimited Premium plan for $80/mo.

Summer is finally here, and for a growing number of smartphone users, that means their first season spent on some of the carriers' early 5G networks. And if you've been waiting patiently for it to arrive, today marks the first day of availability for the Galaxy S10 5G at Sprint.

As we mentioned before, this is one seriously pricey smartphone, a situation not helped any by Sprint's requirement that it be used on the most expensive Unlimited Premium plan. But if you've got the cash (and happen to live in one of the right markets), 5G is ready and waiting for you.