ASUS has made big strides into the flagship market with the ZenFone 6. For $499, you get great performance, a massive 5,000mAh battery, and even a motorized camera. Durability is always a concern when moving parts are involved, prompting phone-destroyer JerryRigEverything to take his picks, knife, and lighter to one.

Zack (no, his name's not Jerry) does all of his usual tests to the ZenFone 6, and it passes them all with flying colors. The Gorilla Glass 6 display scratches at a Mohs level 6, the fingerprint sensor continues to work after being gouged, and the LCD restores all of its pixels after the flame is taken away. What we're really here for, though, is how that camera fares.

The ZenFone 6 only has one camera module that flips forward and back with a motor inside. This not only ensures that your selfies look as good as your regular photos, but also that there's no bezel, notch, or hole-punch up front. That really just leaves fragility as the only worry.

Zack pushes the camera around manually, scratches at it, and even tries to use it to lift things, but it continues to work just fine even at the end of the video. The phone wasn't very happy during the torture, showing a bunch of popups asking not to mishandle the camera, but it held up without issue. The camera also quickly auto-retracts itself when the phone detects it's being dropped, which is pretty nifty.

The ZenFone 6 survives the tests with only minor wounds to its exterior. You can watch the video via the embed above or the link below.

OK, so the ZenFone 6's camera can stand up to a bit of abuse — even if it's going to be very vocally complaining about it along the way. How did ASUS manage to put together a camera that's both so durable and so very unlike (to say nothing of more elaborate than) most every other smartphone camera out there?

Zack's back with another ZF6 video this time, now dialing back the torture-test action and instead looking underneath the hood at how this phone comes together — including the special hardware that gives the phone its articulated camera. You can check out that heavy-duty camera bracket and the rest of the handset's components below: