If you've been unable to get on Netflix tonight to watch your shows and movies, you're not the only one. The streaming service seems to be down globally on the web, meaning that everyone, myself included, will have to do something actually productive with your time. Or you can just watch with your phone or tablet, as mobile seems unaffected.

Clicking "Netflix Home" does nothing.

Downdetector reports that people began having issues about 40 minutes ago, with complaints streaming in from people all around the world. But for some reason, the Netflix app (on Android, at least) is still up and running without a hitch. We're not sure how exactly the app could be puttering along just fine while the web version is completely down, but that's the case here.

DownDetector shows the outage via a spike in issue reports this afternoon.

We will update this post when things change or when Netflix posts an update on the outage.

Well, that was fast - the site appears to be coming back online as of around 4:30PM PST. If you're still having trouble, it hopefully shouldn't be long to wait now.