New functionality has cropped up in the beta version of the Google app. Users can now share search results, potentially saving time: instead of telling someone to Google something, you can just share a link that'll do it for them. It's sort of like LMGTFY, but slightly less passive-aggressive.

When viewing search results, a share icon appears in the search box next to the voice search button. Tapping it well generate a shortened link to the search you're currently viewing. The link works on both mobile and desktop, leading clickers to the appropriate client for the device they're using.

While there are doubtless scenarios in which sharing such a link is legitimately helpful, the feature seems ripe for shaming people who can't be bothered to look things up on their own. However you'd choose to use it, it's going live in the Google app beta now, so it shouldn't be too too long until it's available to everyone.

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