Those of you going insane at the amount of white in the latest Google app redesigns have probably been calming yourselves by thoughts of forthcoming dark modes. Most recently, the Google app, Files by Google, Google Drive, and Google Keep have received dark UIs of their own, and Gmail might just be next. The latest Gmail APK contains our first look at a dark mode, though it's sporadic and only in settings.

The screenshots above depict what we're seeing on Gmail v2019.06.09. The dark mode doesn't currently have a toggle and comes on and off when it wants to, but here's a first look. It only shows up in settings, not the main window or sidebar. We know, it's not much so far, but hopefully this will appease some of you who've been waiting for dark mode on one of Google's most-used apps.

If you just have to have a look at this Gmail dark mode for yourself, you can grab the Gmail v2019.06.09 APK at APK Mirror. Again, there's not much to see aside from the images above, but do as you please.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free