Power banks have become much more affordable these past few years, and many of them now come with built-in wireless charging for added convenience. B&H is currently selling one of the cheapest wireless ones around for just $17, instead of its original $30 MSRP.

This 10,000mAh battery delivers power through a traditional USB-A port and can be charged using both USB-C and MicroUSB input. Interestingly, while it can power two devices simultaneously, it can't do so using the USB-C port, but will instead rely on the USB-A connector and wireless charging. You also won't need a cable to fill it up, as the power bank itself can be charged using a Qi pad.

Unfortunately, this device doesn't have fast charging as its output is capped at 1A, but you probably shouldn't expect too many features at this price. Finally, beware that although the product has an overall 4-star rating, some buyers have warned about poor built quality, so proceed carefully if you plan on using it as your daily driver.