We've received a smattering of reports this morning that the Royal Bank of Canada is (finally) rolling out support for Google Pay. Google's official list of supported banks in the country has yet to be updated to include RBC, but after teasing upcoming support last week, the bank itself has tweeted out a confirmation that Google Pay is live for RBC customers.

Our friends at MobileSyrup have confirmed they were able to add some cards associated with RBC accounts to Google Pay. At the time of writing, they were unable to use an RBC-associated Visa card for payments — RBC's selection of credit and debit cards use different branding, though we don't know which is which. They were also told support for all "personal Visa, MasterCard, and Interac" card types is coming soon, so if a specific type of card isn't working for you right now, it may be soon.

The next time they're in a rush at Tim Hortons, RBC customers might be able to save a few precious seconds pulling out their wallet.

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