OnePlus is pushing out updates for its latest flagship basically every week, and today brings us yet another new version of OxygenOS for the 7 Pro. The update to v9.5.8 includes May's security patches, further touch sensitivity improvements, better call audio quality, better compatibility with third-party USB Type-C headphones, and other fixes.

Some folks reported seeing improvements when it came to touchscreen behavior with last week's update, but there were still a few lingering reports of issues. Hopefully whatever fixes merited inclusion in this update's changelog resolve both of the touchscreen problems once and for all. On that note, the full changelog is just below:

  • System
    • Optimized touch sensitivity for the screen
    • Optimized compatibility for third-party Type-C headphones
    • Updated Android security patch to 2019.05
    • General bug fixes and improvements
  • Phone
    • Improved audio quality
  • Camera
    • Fixed issue with the pop up camera opening for an incoming video call while the screen is off or locked

Unlike the monstrous pile of camera enhancements in the last update, this week merely delivers a fix for the pop-up camera activating when a video call is received by the device isn't being used. And, although I didn't experience any issues anecdotally when using third-party USB Type-C headphones in our review, it should apparently work with even more such audio devices now — though I still wish OnePlus would provide support for power/audio splitter dongles, as none I've tested will work with the handset.

The update is rolling out in a staged fashion as we speak. We were able to reliably trigger the OTA to be recognized and downloaded here in the 'states via a VPN to Canada, though YMMV. The full OTA and incremental OTA links for download have also been found, if you prefer to manually flash.

Although my unit never exhibited the touch issues we reported on, others at AP did, and we'll be sure to update our coverage with any additional information we discover once they have been updated, should they still experience any lingering touchscreen problems.