Google and Nest products have been integrated for many years now, but changes we've seen in the past few months show that the two brands are becoming closer than ever. The latest indicator of this is the virtual deprecation of the site, with the landing page asking people to visit the Google Store instead.

The Nest store and the Google Store have long coexisted, both selling the same Nest products, and Google clearly saw a redundancy there. Plus, given that all of Google's smart home products will be branded with Nest names, with the company going so far as to rename the current Home Hub to "Nest Hub," it's clear that Nest is now a true Google sub-brand.

Users of the Nest Community may have also noticed that its landing page now redirects to a Google site as well — the Google Nest Help Community. That said, the Nest Community forums still work, at least for now.

The Nest site will still be used for managing your Nest account and checking your order history, but get used to navigating to the Google Store when you're in search of a new smart thermostat.