It seems like no one can release a phone these days without getting it leaked. Today, it's Motorola having is (presumably) carefully laid plans dashed to ribbons. The upcoming Motorola One Pro has popped up in press render form, confirming a previous leak.

Motorola has a habit of cramming its logo on the front of phones, but not this time. No, the Moto logo will be emblazoned on the gigantic camera module. There are four camera sensors back there, but the camera hump extends downward to include the logo. It's pretty weird.

The display will measure 6.2-inches, and there's a small water drop notch at the top. You also get a 3.5mm headphone jack alongside the Type-C port. We don't know what the phone will have on the inside yet. The "Pro" branding suggests it will be more powerful than previous Motorola One devices, but it's anyone's guess right now.