We just reviewed GE's new C-Life Multicolor smart bulbs, and while they're an excellent way to get into the wonderful world of smart lights, they only work with Google Assistant. If you want something that's compatible with both Assistant and Alexa (and IFTTT, and Cortana), you can now get two TP-Link bulbs for $27.99 from B&H — the current price for just one of the bulbs on Amazon.

The TP-Link KL120 bulb is dimmable, but doesn't change color. It has a maximum brightness of 800 Lumens, and uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet (so no external hub is required). You can set schedules and scenes using the TP-Link Kasa app, and the bulb works great with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can buy the pack from the link below. The sale ends at midnight Eastern Time on June 20th, or whenever stock runs out.