Even though Google Pay is already supported by around 2,000 banks, Google somehow keeps finding new banks and credit unions to add. 14 more banks and credit unions in the US have been added with this update, though we fully expect to see even more in the coming weeks.

  • Blackstone River Federal Credit Union
  • Clear Mountain Bank
  • Connections Credit Union
  • Fayette Savings Bank, ssb
  • First Midwest Bank
  • First National Bank (IN)
  • Hancock Bank and Trust Company
  • Lincoln Federal Savings Bank
  • NatBank, N.A.
  • North Brookfield Savings Bank
  • United Bank & Trust (IA)
  • University of Hawaii Federal Credit Union
  • Webster Five Cent Savings Bank
  • Worcester Credit Union

If your bank or credit union's been added, odds are that the Google Pay app is pre-installed on your phone and ready to go. If it isn't, you can grab it via the widget below.

This week's new additions to the Google Pay bank list are pretty minor. We see a little bit of administrative shuffling — little tweaks like adding a bank's location in the interest of future disambiguation. But as for outright new entries, we only have a pair:

  • The Farmers State Bank and Trust Company (IL)
  • The Farmers and Merchants Bank (IN)

It looks like we spoke too soon about this week's round of new bank additions being a little light, as just a day after Google extended its list with those last two institutions, we've got a bunch more to add. These actually arrived in two spurts, first as 15 new banks coming on board, followed by another 2, and then 1 more — for a grand total of 18 more banks:

  • Alliance Catholic Credit Union
  • American Bank of the North
  • Associated Bank
  • Bank First, N.A.
  • Century Savings Bank
  • Charles River Bank
  • Empire National Bank
  • Farmers State Bank (NE)
  • FedStar Federal Credit Union
  • FirstBank Southwest
  • First Ohio Community Federal Credit Union
  • Marine Credit Union
  • Medina County Federal Credit Union
  • Oconee Federal Savings & Loan Association
  • South Central Credit Union
  • TrailWest Bank
  • Ulster Savings Bank
  • Waggoner National Bank

Another week, another smattering of new financial institutions connecting their users with the world of Google Pay. Google's been adding a few banks here and there every few days, and we've cataloged all the additions since our last roundup:

  • Citizens Bank NA (RI)
  • Community Bank, N.A. (NY)
  • Community First Bank (SC)
  • CornerStone Bank NA (VA)
  • Eagle Bank (AR)
  • Eagle Bank (MD)
  • First State Bank (AR)
  • First State Bank (MI)
  • Oklahoma Bank and Trust Company

Lots of good things come in a dozen: eggs, doughnuts, fizzy beverages of the hard and soft variety. And this week, that list also includes banks that are shacking up with Google in order to offer their customers support for Pay. Here are the 12 new banks to join those ever-growing ranks:

  • BlueGrass Community Federal Credit Union
  • Chino Commercial Bank
  • Citizens Bank & Trust (AL)
  • Greater Niles Community Federal Credit Union
  • Hutchinson Government Employees Credit Union
  • Knoxville Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union
  • Lake Huron Credit Union
  • Malheur Federal Credit Union
  • Members' Advantage Credit Union
  • Pointwest Bank (TX)
  • Simply Bank
  • The Bank of Southside Virginia

Google's been doing a lot of minor edits to its Pay banks list this week, largely correcting things like spelling errors (when you support 2,000+ banks, a few mistakes are bound to slip through the cracks). But among all those little changes, we did spot a few new banks:

  • Atlantic Union Bank (VA)
  • Peoples State Bank (Prairie du Chien, WI)
  • Peoples State Bank (Wausau, WI)

The list previously included a single entry for Peoples State Bank, but we can't say which of these two named locations it represented. In any case, they're all fully spelled-out now.

Last's week's update may have been on the sparser side, but Google's making up for it a little now with a decent selection of new financial institutions coming to Pay in the US. All told, we've got eight new entries for the company's list:

  • Bank of the Bluegrass (KY)
  • Dean Bank (MA)
  • First National Bank & Trust Co (OK)
  • Lake Elmo Bank (MN)
  • Lead Bank (MO)
  • Reliant Bank (TN)
  • SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union
  • Texas Bank Financial

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