Linear, two-dimensional advertising remains the norm today, but it soon may give way to more immersive, three-dimensional experiences that incorporate augmented reality and interactive elements. Google has just announced some new tools for brands to take advantage of to up their engagement game both in web ads and on YouTube — we think you should be aware of them.

Advertisers can now build interactive 3D sequences on Google's new proprietary Swirl display format. It allows users to tap on objects to advance keyframes, zoom in, and spin them around 360 degrees on all axes, and accept a call to action. Publishers can edit these Swirl stories through Google's Poly 3D object editing program.

Example of how New Balance has used the Swirl ad format

Google recently began bringing interactive 3D assets into certain search results, so it's not too surprising to see something in this realm extended to advertising.

On YouTube, brands and influencers in the beauty sector now have another opportunity to promote with a new ad format called AR Beauty Try-On, currently in alpha for iOS devices only.

Several brands, including MAC Cosmetics, have already tested this feature out with several creator partners. Three in ten viewers opted to engage with the AR makeup while watching their favorite guru try on a real-life version of the product, spending on average 1 minute and 20 seconds each time.

Brands can opt to try AR Beauty Try-On through YouTube's in-house branded content platform, FameBit. We're also confident that the feature will eventually make it over to Android based on a recent APK Teardown.