ASUS is killing it with updates lately, and this trend just continues. After the ZenFone 4 Max and Selfie received betas of Android 9 Pie, their smaller brother is now getting a similar treatment with ASUS announcing an update to the same OS version for the regular ZenFone 4. It's impressive that the company is committed to updating phones that were released back in 2017.

The firm hasn't announced much about what users can expect from the new version over the older one, but it does tell us that "the user experience will be different" — which is to be expected with a new Android flavor. Mind you that if you decide to install the beta software, you won't receive an OTA update to the release version later; you'll have to install it from ASUS' website once it's ready. And as always, be extra careful with beta software, since vital functionality could break at any time.

If you're still interested in installing the beta, head to the source link below.