Earlier this year, a handful of enterprising developers were able to boot Android Q on the Nintendo Switch, though it was pretty rough at the time. In the intervening months, they've made quite a lot of progress, and a new @switchroot_org Twitter account was started yesterday to show off the group's achievements, which include rigging Nintendo's console to play Overwatch via Nvidia's GameStream.

General performance is better than I personally expected. Although most of the heavy lifting is handled by the desktop doing the streaming, the client on the switch appears able to decode the stream without any dropped frames or jank and pass input with a minimum of latency. GeForce Now, Nvidia's cloud streaming service, also reportedly works.

Fans have been asking for Blizzard to port the game to the console for a couple years, and while Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan says the company is "very open-minded" about the idea, customers are still waiting.

In addition to the Switch's new-found desktop gaming chops, the developers involved in the project have also bumped its performance while running Android, with an Antutu screenshot showing a middle-of-the-road 224,495 score, but with a more impressive 133,785 for GPU alone. It's also been made to boot into TWRP (a custom recovery which allows, among other things, easier rooting/ROMing, for the uninitiated).

XDA Developers reports that the folks behind this port of Android to the Switch have been fixing issues like mad recently, getting Wi-Fi, touch input and sound working in the last week alone. There are still plenty of other features on the roadmap before a public release is planned, though, like auto-rotation, overclock control, a launcher optimized for controller use, and handheld joycon support.