Google Assistant is an incredibly powerful tool in the US, and as of late, the personal helper is getting better all around the globe with an ever-growing number of supported languages and actions. This goes hand in hand with Google's recent announcement that it wants to massively expand Assistant all over the world, which has already led to a plethora of new and improved languages. Now, another round of updated and new voices have arrived for even broader international support.

To help you parse the upgrades more easily, we've compiled a short list of the new voices that should be available to developers for use in Actions on Google:

  • Dutch: Male 2 & Female 2
  • Indian English: Male 2
  • Indonesian: Male 2
  • Norwegian: Female 2 and Male 2

A few of voices in different languages have been upgraded with the addition of Wavenet, the neural network Google acquired in 2014 and uses to make its speech patterns sound more human. You should notice the improvements right away if you're talking to the Assistant set to any of these options:

  • Denmark: Female 1
  • Dutch: Male 1
  • Indian English: Female 1 & Male 1
  • Indonesian: Female 1 and Male 1
  • Japanese: Male 1, Male 2, and Female 2
  • Norwegian: Female 1 and Male 1

You can set up alternate voices and languages in your Assistant app by heading to the overflow menu, selecting Settings > Assistant, and looking for entries named languages and Assistant voice there (or the equivalent in your language). If you'd like to check out the new options before experimenting with your setup, you can go to the source link below and listen to samples provided.

I was mistaken, as pointed out in the comments. You can't change the Assistant's voice in languages other than US English. That means you're at the mercy of Actions for Google developers to hear new voices.