In the arena of active noise-canceling wireless headphones, you're pretty much spoiled for choice. Bose and Sony lead the pack, especially in the upper tier, but there are great options from longtime players JBL, Sennheiser, and others. And yet, there's also room for newcomers in this space like Microsoft and Jabra. The latter, in particular, came into the fray this year with its Elite 85h, a clear shot at the big guns with an undercutting price point of $300. But for the next few days, you can grab a pair at Best Buy on a good discount.

For a first-gen product, the 85h gets design and feel right — I've been testing a pair for myself and have found the plushy headband lining and earcups to be extremely wearable for almost an entire day — the battery is touted to run for 36 hours of continuous ANC-enabled listening. Speaking of ANC, like most headphones in its class, it does a decent job of cutting out low frequencies, though it will pass through louder pops and the like. It works through Bluetooth 5, charges via USB-C, has a 3.5mm connection, and can automatically pause output when the 85h detects that it has been taken off.

It's not bad for Jabra's first go in the category and at $300, some of the rougher patches can be forgiven — there are a few in the software. Through June 20, Best Buy has a $50 discount on the Jabra Elite 85h, bringing it down to $250. If you're a little late on the Father's Day gift-giving, it's fine — you don't have to say we told you about this.