The Pixel 3a brought Google's camera prowess to the masses with a compelling $399 MSRP, but the non-a Pixel 3 is coming down in price pretty fast. You can currently nab a Not Pink Pixel 3 for just $499.99 at B&H, $300 under MSRP and $100 below the Google Store's current sale price.

B&H had the Not Pink Pixel 3 XL for $650 earlier this week. It's not readily apparent why the retailer is discounting this particular color so heavily; the Clearly White and Just Black variants are both $659.99. Personally, I think the pink model is the coolest of the three options. If you're not a fan, though, you can always grab a case or skin.

To get your discount, you'll have to clip an on-page coupon good for $300 off (pictured above, already clipped). It's currently out of stock, but you can still order — it'll just take a week or so to ship. Hit the link below to grab one for yourself.