The Bose QC35 II headphones get all the attention when it comes to being the best active noise canceling product on the market, but there are other contenders worth considering, especially when the price is part of your buying criteria. The Surface headphones are a good alternative, but their MSRP was too similar to the QC35 for them to fiercely compete, as both were worth about $350. Nevertheless, Microsoft's product is receiving a $100 price cut, which makes them a very interesting competitor to the most popular ANC headphones around

The Surface headphones are comparable in almost every aspect to the Bose ones: They both offer superior sound quality, active noise cancelation, extended battery life, Bluetooth and 3.5mm input, and even a built-in digital voice assistant. Of course, you won't find Alexa or Assistant on the Surface, but Microsoft's in-house Cortana helper, which should be more than capable of controlling your music.

An interesting feature the Surface has is the ability to adjust the noise cancelation level, which avoids having to take them off when someone tries to talk to you. They also offer tap controls to change tracks, which is a nice "touch," although I personally prefer physical buttons to interact with my headphones. Another thing I like about them is their ability to pause your music when you take them off. Our very own Taylor has used them for a while and he's been happy with them.

With the Surface headphones, Microsoft built a strong competitor to the Bose QC35 (II), and their new price makes them more than worth considering if you're looking for good ANC headphones. Head over to one of the links below to get yours today.

The headphones are back to $250 on Amazon and Microsoft's site, but their price is still showing $300 on Best Buy and Newegg. We're not sure whether this is a permanent price drop or a temporary markdown, but if you want them, we recommend you order yours today just to be sure.