I'm the kind of guy that likes to rely on technology to get things done, especially if it can do a better job than me. When I park somewhere, I usually don't bother trying to remember my way back, but instead, memorize what venues are around to get there using Maps. Of course, being the forgetful person that I am, there are times when I simply can't recall where I left my car, but thankfully, I can use its app to navigate back to it. Unfortunately, not all vehicles have such a functionality, including the rental I had last month... Fortunately, I remembered to save my parking location in Maps before walking away; but even though this is an effortless task, you still need to think about doing it. Thankfully, Google Assistant can now do this for you by automatically displaying where you parked without requiring any action.

The feature isn't new, as Google introduced it back in 2014, but took it away for some reason. To provide you with your parking spot, Assistant relies on your location history and estimates where you're likely to have stopped driving and started walking. For this reason, it may not always be accurate, but it's still helpful in case you forgot to toggle it yourself. You could already do this manually by going into your Maps location history, but I'd admit it was quite painstaking to try and figure it out.

In case you manually save your parking spot in Maps, Assistant will recognize it as the most accurate one and use this one instead in the card. Unfortunately, Google isn't able to calculate a more precise location for people using Android Auto or a Bluetooth connection to their car. Indeed, even if you interrupt the link to the vehicle, it's not programmed to interpret it as a parking event, at least for now.

As usual, the feature isn't available for all users yet, which could mean Google is gradually rolling it out through a server-side activation. Don't hesitate to tell us if you see this feature and where you're based.