Whether it's for added peace of mind or to keep an eye on your pet, an indoor security camera can be a smart purchase. Such products are usually quite expensive, though, but Canary's all-in-one indoor security camera's price has dropped to just $50, making home security much more affordable.

The product features a 1080p HD sensor with a 147-degree lens, night-vision, and a built-in siren. It can also monitor climate data such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. In terms of connectivity, it links to your network using Wi-Fi or through an Ethernet cable.

Like most cameras, the Canary will let you stream live content on your phone and alert you if it detects motion. It's also smart enough to ignore pets and only trigger a notification if it detects a person. For added privacy, it has a privacy mode to prevent audio and video recording when it's not supposed to be watching. Lastly, it automatically saves the last 24 hours of video footage to watch it if needed. With a premium subscription, you can extend that to 30 days and benefit from more advanced features, such as two-way audio, desktop streaming, and a two-year device warranty.

The device's MSRP was $169, but it's been going for $74 on Amazon since February. With this new markdown, it's dropped another $24, down to just $50. Both black and white versions are available, but some sellers have it for as low as $42 on Amazon.