Given that many phones are now in the four-figure territory, it makes sense for people to want to insure them. Unfortunately for those people, Verizon's Total Mobile Protection insurance is getting its second price increase in 15 months. Starting June 27, the service will cost $15/month, up from $13, and the only bonus from this is the addition of battery replacement services.

Last time the fee was upgraded (from $11 to $13), it lowered the replacement deductible and added peace of mind for those traveling outside the United States. This time around, it's justifying the hike in price by offering battery replacements starting July 27. Given that you're probably using this insurance on a new or newer phone, we're not sure how handy that'll really be. The $29 deductible for screen repairs is still intact.

Total Mobile Protection is now $15/line, but coverage that covers your entire account is $45/month. In other words, you'll want the account-level coverage if you have more than three lines on your plan. Verizon has over 300 authorized repair locations and 170 city meet-up places in the US. Clumsier Verizon customers may still want to consider Total Mobile Protection, even with the price hike.