TVs are getting cheap. It wasn't long ago that a 4K number would set you back thousands of dollars, but now, medium-sized sets can be had for just a few hundred, and huge ones — well, they're still often more than a thousand, but not necessarily multiple thousands. If you're aspiring to upgrade on a budget, it's a great time to take a look at TCL's 6 Series TVs, which are currently available for historic lows.

Each of these TVs sports 4K resolution, plus Dolby Vision HDR. On sale at both Amazon and Best Buy, they've got great reviews for their price range, from four to four-and-a-half stars. The smallest — if you could call 55 inches small — has the smallest discount: it's $499.99, which is about $30 off what it's been in recent months. The 65-inch is an incredible value at $699.99 — $120 less than the going price of late. If you need something truly enormous, you can go for the 75-incher, which is sitting pretty at $1,399.99. That's a whopping $500 off MSRP, and $100 to $200 off its recent street prices.

Personally, I think the 65-inch is the best value.

If you're married to a huge screen but don't want to spend as much, the 75-inch 4 Series is down to $899.99, a savings of $100. It's got a lot of similar features, but lacks some of the higher-end flourishes like local dimming.