Despite being quite a promising device, the Samsung Galaxy Fold's launch didn't go as smoothly as expected. Indeed, several review units failed right before its official release, which led the brand to delay the handset's commercialization to improve its design. Some saw this as an opportunity for Huawei to get ahead of the competition with its Mate X. Nevertheless, the manufacturer faced its own share of issues after it was added to the US Entity list, as it may have to stop using Android on its devices. On top of these woes, the company's first foldable device may not be as reliable as expected, as its launch is being delayed to September, with Huawei claiming they "don’t want to launch a product to destroy [their] reputation."

The device was initially set to become available this month, but Huawei has indicated it has preferred to push its arrival to September to run extensive tests and improve the quality of the folding screen. Indeed, the company is following a "cautious" approach to avoid worsening its troubles, as the last thing they need right now is more bad press.

Although the manufacturer is citing additional testing as the main cause for the delay, it's fair to think it's also waiting for better skies to launch the Mate X. A spokesperson mentioned Huawei would prefer to continue using Android on its devices but is also ready to use its own OS if it's forced to, which indicates there is still uncertainty around the software the device will ship with.

Let's hope it will be able to overcome these roadblocks and launch the Mate X when the context is more appropriate. Most importantly, let's keep our fingers crossed for the device to ship with our favorite operating system, instead of Huawei's in-house software.