While Google Pay lets you buy items in stores with your phone, Google Pay Send is more similar to Venmo or PayPal it allows you to send money to other Google users with just a few taps. The latter service was only available in three countries, and that will soon drop to two.

According to an email sent out by the company, Google Pay Send will shut down in the United Kingdom on September 6th, 2019. The service is also known as 'Google Pay P2P' in the UK. This leaves the United States and India as the only remaining countries where Pay Send is available. It's worth noting that the mobile app never worked in the country, just sending money through Gmail.

The main reason for the change seems to be that Google's payment services in the United Kingdom will be operated by Google Ireland, instead of Google Payment Limited (which is based in London), starting on September 6th. The email sent out to UK residents says the regular Pay service will continue to work after the switch is complete, but it's not clear if a new P2P service from Google Ireland will ever be released or not.

A few days ahead of that September 6 cutoff, Google has already started updating its Pay support documentation to remove reference to sending money in the UK.

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