Google Opinion Rewards is a nice little tool that allows you to earn a little Play Store money on the side which you can use to buy apps, games, subscriptions, and all the other things available on Google's distribution platform. The company's regular surveys include questions on how you rate certain YouTube video recommendations, which stores you've visited, and occasionally ask you to upload receipts from said stores. Today, Google announced that it's looking to improve the experience for the latter and is testing a new interface with select US users.

The test is a little more restrictive than the usual A/B tests Google is infamous for. Only a limited amount of people can join the preview, and they need to opt-in manually in the app once they've received an invitation. As a prerequisite, location history must be enabled on your account, and mind you that the test is exclusively in the US and Android only.

Once you've been accepted, you should see a new section in the Opinion Rewards app called Receipt tasks. In there, you will find a selection of shops and stores you've visited, and you can upload a receipt for each of them, either right from your camera or your gallery. In the three-dot menu, you will also get options to tell Google that you won't or can't show the receipt — for example, if you visited the store but didn't make a purchase, or if you didn't enter the shop at all.

At the current stage, Google allows you to access and delete sent receipts, which is even possible on a new website nested inside Google Shopping if you've already opted out of the test or uninstalled the app. Speaking of which, you can leave the preview anytime by heading to Settings > Receipt Sharing > Opt out of receipt sharing — be warned that you can't opt back in, though.

Overall, the new interface streamlines and simplifies the very same options you've had before when you had to click through a survey to answer each individually — you'll need way fewer taps to relay the same information. Being on the latest version of the app will most likely improve your chances of getting in on the test, so be sure to download it from APK Mirror or via the Play Store widget below.

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards
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