Earlier today, Spotify announced that it was rolling out a whole new look for the Library section of the music streaming app, subdividing content into two general categories: Music and Podcasts. This change is supposed to make the podcast experience on the platform a bit easier to manage. There's also a new "Liked Songs" playlist that we're surprised didn't exist before.

Although it's official, the new interface doesn't seem to have hit everyone just yet, even across the same versions of the app. Spotify is known for extensive A/B testing, and it could take a while. A few of our tipsters (we ❤️ you) have supplied us with screenshots of the new interface, though:


The three sub-sub-tabs in the Music sub-tab of the Library tab.

The new organizational system adds two sets of sub-tabs to the primary navigational tabs. In the Library tab, you now have a Music and Podcasts sub-tab, and within them a further set of sub-tabs: Music gets Playlists, Artists, and Albums, while Podcasts gets Episodes, Downloads, and Shows.

This follows Spotify cutting down the number of tabs in that primary bottom navigation bar. I can't help but think that this is like adding epicycles to the UI in some sort of Ptolemaic model of design (tabs, sub-tabs, and sub-sub-tabs, yay!), especially after it went to all the effort of cutting things down before. It probably won't be too hard to adapt to, though.

A few new features for music are also present. There's a new "Liked Songs" playlist in the Playlist sub-sub-tab whose content should be obvious, and playlists will now be sorted to show those available offline first when you are offline. The Artists and Albums sub-sub-tabs look about as they did before.


The three sub-sub-tabs in the Podcast sub-tab of the Library tab.

I'm not too familiar with how podcasts were previously presented in Spotify — I don't have the time to listen to many, myself — but the new interface seems to bring the content you are likely to consume to places you're more likely to spot it. Specific Podcasts you listen to/follow are organized in "Shows" tab for easy access, while the "Episodes" tab breaks out new or partly-consumed content from those same shows (which seems a little redundant).

In what might be related to a behind-the-scenes change associated with these tweaks, we were having issues earlier today accessing certain parts of Spotify on both desktop and Android. Whole sections, including the Home, Browse, and Made For You tabs, were all suffering errors while loading, though it seems to have recently resolved.

Reports claim the new interface is showing up on app version, but we assume Spotify is controlling the rollout server-side, as our own devices on that version have yet to get it. You can try your hand by updating to the latest version available over at the Play Store.

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