Google took the unusual step out-leaking the leakers with a render of the upcoming Pixel 4, even though we had been expecting the usual October announcement. That lead us to wonder whether Google might be pushing its schedule forward and getting ahead of the 2019 iPhone launch, but alas that appears not to be the case.

As Ryne argued yesterday, an earlier Pixel release would make a lot of sense, but according to a Verizon marketing calendar shared on Twitter by serial leaker Evan Blass, it's going to be October as per usual. He also points out that the iPhone launch appears to be a little later this year. We can't verify this schedule, but Blass' track record is such that it seems highly likely to be legitimate.

It would have been nice to get the Pixel a bit earlier in the year, with Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon processor much fresher and at the same time as the public release of the next new Android version. If nothing else, it would have just been nice to get our hands on it sooner — we want everything yesterday these days, who's got time to wait around for stuff. Nevermind though, the Pixel 4 seems set to come in October, as have the last 3 iterations. Now when will Google share the front design with us, I wonder?