MSI and Android emulator BlueStacks positioned themselves as an alternative for Android gamers when they announced their collaboration on the MSI App Player back in June 2018. Even though Android code doesn't run natively on desktop machines, the developers claim speedier performance than on a Samsung Galaxy S10. Now, MSI has announced that the App Player will be able to display games in 240 FPS on supported hardware, a first in the Android world.

The App Player has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. Since Android applications aren't as taxing as their desktop counterparts, the program allows you to play multiple games in split-screen mode, which is great when you're forced to wait up until you can finish crafting an artifact or weapon. A couple of certified applications even support RGB lighting effects on your laptop's keyboard, for what it's worth.

If your monitor or MSI gaming laptop is capable of refresh rates of up to 240Hz, you'll be able to experience certain games at 240fps should they support it. The App Player comes preinstalled on MSI's latest gaming devices, but you can download it from the manufacturer's website for older devices, too.