Wear OS only turned five this year, but already feels pretty much dead in the water, with many of our staff turning to alternatives left and right. Even so, Google pushes on and releases occasional new features, the most recent of which is actually pretty useful — Tiles that bring you customizable screens you can swipe through. Google has now added a way to organize in the Wear OS companion app on your phone, which is much easier than doing so on the watch itself.


As you can see in the left screenshot above, a new option called Tiles now appears in the Wear OS app. Tapping it brings you to an overview of currently active tiles, which you can see in the form of a list. You can quickly reorder them by dragging the six-dot icon on the right of each entry. A click on the FAB in the bottom right corner of the screen allows you to add new tiles.

Other than the improved UX, no functionality has been added to the feature itself. We can only hope that Google is listening to all of the criticism leveled at Wear OS and acts before it’s too late (it might be already), because the latest additions feel like band-aids that don’t address its fundamental issues.

We don't have an APK with the update for you on this one because it's a server-side change. You can only wait and cross your fingers that Google deems you worthy of receiving the new option soon. Still, being on the latest release might be helpful, so be sure to check out the Play Store link below or drop by over at APK Mirror.

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