Back in March, Google introduced Dynamic emails, which made electronic communication more interactive. Indeed, instead of being a mere messaging platform, it lets users interact with content without leaving their mailbox. This meant they could RSVP to events, respond to comments, and fill out forms without the need to open a new page. Although the feature has been available as a beta program a few months now, the company is officially releasing it to all Gmail and G Suite users.

Dynamic emails will gradually roll out starting July 2 to everybody on Gmail. G Suite accounts are also eligible to use the functionality but their admins will be able todisable it through their admin console. On the contrary, they can accelerate its deployment by enabling it immediately on their domain as a beta.

The feature is particularly useful when collaborating on Google Docs, as it will let you respond to comments directly from Gmail, as shown above. Since dynamic emails are not a proprietary functionality, but instead rely on AMP standards, they will work on a variety of web browsers, as long as the message itself is properly coded. Sites such as, Pinterest, and Doodle have already implemented the feature in their emails to make it easier for customers to interact with their content.

If you're the old-school kind and want to keep your mailbox more traditional, you can turn dynamic emails off manually in your Gmail settings, even if these are activated on your G Suite domain. Lastly, Google has confirmed the feature will be available on mobile soon but hasn't shared further details on timing.