ASUS seems to get that plenty of the folks interested in the latest ZenFone 6 are among the same market that like OnePlus' devices, and one of the biggest advantages for Android enthusiasts when it comes to OnePlus' devices is developer support. The root and ROM crowd go for things like the OnePlus 6T in part because, well, you can root and ROM it. Now ASUS wants its ZenFone 6 to get some of that same developer attention, so it's sending phones to some of them.

To start, we were told by an ASUS representative that the company has sent Arnova8G2 (of Gcam porting fame) a ZenFone 6, which has already resulted in an early but rough release. ZenFone 6 owners wanting to give things a try can check out the downloads here (or here at APK Mirror), and we're told that it takes a bit of tweaking to get decent results.

XDA Developers is also reporting that it helped select some of the additional developers that will be receiving the ZenFone 6 to kick-start homebrew efforts, including folks from LineageOS, OmniROM, CarbonROM, and a handful of others totaling an even ten.

Other companies like Huawei previously had developer programs like this, and OnePlus killed then subsequently restarted its program. It's early days for ASUS, and we're told that half of the developers have yet to receive their devices. Still, for those that like to flash custom software or tinker with system-level details, the ZenFone 6 just got a bit more attractive.