It's not uncommon that we learn about new products through FCC filings — just about anything that communicates wirelessly has to get the Commission's approval before going on sale in the US. Usually, the filings give us some inkling of what the product may be. Not this time, though: the FCC has approved a new Google product, and all we know about it is that it communicates solely via Bluetooth.

The listing is for a device from Google with the product code G022A. That's awfully similar to the product code for the Pixel 3 — G020A. This new device couldn't be a phone, though, as the RF exposure evaluation report submitted to the Commission only lists Bluetooth connectivity — and a phone would also include LTE and Wi-Fi. It's not the forthcoming Google Stadia controller or a new smartwatch, either, as both of those would also list Wi-Fi. We can only speculate at this point, but it's possible the device in question could be either a new pair of Google-branded earbuds, or maybe a remote for a TV device.

Whatever the new gadget is, we'll probably get a look at it during (or at least around the time of) Google's hardware event this fall; the application lists the device as confidential until November 17.

We now know what this product will be: a Bluetooth tag. The most logical expectation is something akin to Tile that helps you find your lost objects and notifies you if you leave them behind. Though we hope there's a bit more creativity behind the product to make it more interesting than the hundred different alternatives on the market.