Unless you're really into the Moto Mod ecosystem, the Moto Z4 doesn't have a lot going for it. After all, it's a mid-range phone priced close to a OnePlus device. However, the Z4 does have one interesting feature that Motorola hasn't publicized at all support for active styluses, like the Microsoft Surface Pen.

One Reddit user pointed out that hidden in the Z4's specifications page, Motorola says the device is "Compatible with [the] Microsoft active pen protocol." Anther person with a Surface Pen gave it a shot, and sure enough, drawing worked perfectly — even pressure sensitivity and using the back of the pen as an eraser.

The Microsoft Surface Pen.

Now we're left wondering why Motorola added a fairly unique feature to the Z4 and didn't feel the need to tell anyone. Perhaps the company will release a stylus Moto Mod at some point?