If you want a smart speaker with a whole lotta sound, the Google Home Max sure is a good option. Originally $400, the speaker's price was later reduced by $100, and we've seen it drop to as low as $262 in a sale before. Today's Father's Day deal marks a new low — $242 for a Home Max, with a Home Mini thrown in for good measure.

In Ryan's review of the Home Max, he praised the sound quality of looks of the speaker, and his primary complaint was the $400 price tag. At $242 (potentially less if you sell the Home Mini), the value proposition is a lot stronger.

To get the Home Max at this price, use promo code Fathersday2019 over at Californian e-tailer Tink.us. Only the darker colored 'Anthracite' variant seems to be in stock, and you'll receive a Light Grey Home Mini along with it.