Smart locks usually involve a tedious installation process which can be intimidating for many, especially if you rent and don't want to lose that deposit. A good option to get around this is an August Smart Lock, which can be retrofitted on existing locks without much effort. Today's Father's Day sale knocks the price of the Smart Lock Pro's 'Smarter Hosting Bundle' down to $206, a whole 25% or $72 less than anywhere else.

The Smarter Hosting Bundle consists of an August Smart Lock Pro (usually ~$160, different from the vanilla August Smart Lock we saw at $100 recently), the August Connect Wi-Fi bridge, and the August Smart Keypad (usually $60), which lets you punch in a code to unlock your door. The Wi-Fi bridge is particularly useful for folks who don't already have an existing smart home hub, though if you do have one, the Smart Lock Pro can connect to the internet through your hub instead.

I bought a regular August Smart Lock a few weeks ago and can attest to its ease of installation —  you can even use it with Google Assistant to bark commands at your door.

To pick up this bundle, use promo code Fathersday2019 over at (who are also selling the Home Max and Mini at $242).