It's easy to forget, but AT&T has technically had a 5G network since late last year. It just won't let almost anyone use it. That trend continues with the carrier's latest phone launch. The Galaxy S10 5G will go on sale June 17th, but only businesses and developers can buy it.

The Galaxy S10 5G has been exclusive to Verizon in the US until now. The phone has the same Snapdragon 855 as other GS10 variants, but it comes with a larger 6.7-inch OLED and 4,500mAh battery. While Verizon wants a whopping $1,300 for the S10 5G, AT&T is only asking $1,000 for a limited time. That's the same as the S10+.

AT&T can afford to sell the S10 5G cheap because most people reading this can't buy it. Businesses can order the phone via their AT&T account reps, and 5G developers can get the phone from the AT&T Developer Program. Some developers will actually get the phone free at an upcoming AT&T technology conference. AT&T doesn't mention any plans to sell the phone to the general public, but it'll probably happen at some point.